[RPG] How to a beginner GM deal with multitude of charms in Exalted


I'm thinking about running a campaign in Exalted, but I'm not sure that I can handle the multitude of available charms. While players have to know usage tactics only of their own charm sets (which they build gradually), GM has to create powerful characters with a lot of charms from scratch. What is the best way to create tactically good charm sets if I've never played Exalted before?

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This advice is fairly generic to "How do I stat NPCs in a system I don't know" to a large extent.

  1. Steal I: Look at stats for NPCs in campaign examples, see how they glue together, pick them apart, run them though some dice rolls, work out what you'd be missing if you were a player.

  2. Steal II: Look at the writeups for campaigns on the internet, char sheets if they've got them, use them as seeds for initial characters.

  3. Ask: Put up some questions here about how you'd stat effective exalted characters. Or, if not here, a dedicated exalted site or forum of some kind.

  4. Play: Don't, to start with. If your players are as new to the game as you are, they're going to be finding their feet with effective uses of the stuff they've got too, and you've got the advantage of being able to iterate over builds that don't quite work (if you accidentally build something overpowered, make it stupid. A +52 level sorcerer is much less of a challenge if they can't count to four, after all)

  5. Read: Start from things like this:

Sorry I can't be more specific, though :(

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