[RPG] How to a Warlord gain an at-will power that pushes


I know you can multiclass, but that gives you another class's at-will power as an encounter power. I'm looking for an at-will attack that also pushes, but I'm playing a Warlord and they don't have any.

Is there any way I can get an at-will power that pushes at Heroic or low Paragon tier? How can I get a power from another class as an at-will power?

Best Answer

Warlords have Opening Shove (from the Martial Power book), which does, in fact, push.

Warlords who use a two-handed spear or polearm can also take the Longhand Student feat, which adds push 1 to Viper Strike. Warlords who use a greatbow or longbow can take the Adamant Arrow Student feat to add push 1 with Paint the Bullseye.

If none of those meet your needs, there are two ways for characters of any class to gain another class' at-will power. Both kick in at (or can kick in at) level 11, but also require a fair amount of investment.

One: Be a Half-Elf

Half-elves have the racial ability Dilettante, which lets them select an at-will power from another class and use it once per encounter. There is a paragon-tier feat, Versatile Master, that lets them use their Dilettante power at-will.

Two: Paragon Multi-class

If a character of class A multi-classes into class B, and has taken the encounter, daily, & utility power swap feats by level 10, then at level 11 they can choose to paragon multi-class (PMC) in class B instead of choosing a paragon path. Among other things, this allows them to, at level 11, replace one of their two class A at-wills with an at-will from class B.

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