[RPG] Optimize at will dpr


I always hear about insane nova builds that can drop Orcus in a round (at least before errata), but it seems these builds rely on encounter and daily powers. How could you get stupid damage from At-Wills?

I've seen a level 30 ranger build to do up to 200 dpr at will, but what about heroic tier? The closest thing I know of is the essentials rogue spamming tactical trick and sneak attack, but that relies on mobility and positioning: lose one or the other, and he's completely sunk. At first level, he could do max dpr of around 25-30 damage. That's pretty good, from experience playing it.

So any others in heroic tier?

Best Answer

Build for charge, then take charge enhancing items

There are some excellent charge items out there that make an at-will MBA or MBA equivalent better than encounter or daily all encounter long. Most of the DPR King builds rely on that or multi-attacks combined with high static modifiers like from wintertouched and lasting frost.