[RPG] How to behave in the first session


For the first time I have been invited in a group where I don't know almost anybody (it's me and a friend of mine and random people we met in a game association). Since I have social anxiety I am pretty worried at the idea. I am not great at playing since I haven't played many times and I don't know the rules (they play D&D 5 and I used to play Pathfinder). What are some social rules or behaviors I have to keep in mind?

Best Answer

The important things to keep in mind

  • Be yourself! They invited you because they think you'll be a boon to their group, don't be someone you're not, that's not who they invited.

  • Be nice! Obviously this is like fitting in 101, but, generally, people treat you the way you treat them. If you're nice, they'll be nice back.

  • Be considerate. If You're stepping into a group that's already a thing, and they're playing their game. Don't be a rules lawyer, stop and learn their table rules, how they play etc. If you're stepping into a new group with folks you don't know (the case here), then take some time to feel folks out in the group before being super assertive.

There are a few other things you can do, make sure you know if you need a character in advance, if so, work with the DM for what the specifications are. Make sure you know what the rules of the table are and if they have a social contract (probably not a bad idea to ask before you come about this). Most groups are super accommodating of new players, so I wouldn't worry too much about that. But if you are feeling anxious, have a chat with the DM about it and make sure he understands the anxiety and that you haven't played this system before (shouldn't be surprising it's brand spanking new).

The last thing you might want to do is go ahead and grab a free copy of the BD&D 5e rules and take a look. It's still D&D, but there are substantial changes from PF that you might want to get a look at. Wizards hosts this free on their website.