[RPG] How to build an Elf Warpriest in Pathfinder?


Our DM wants to start a new campaign in Eberron. I want to build an Elf Warpriest since all the Asian weapons are up (only for Elves)1.

Which feats should I pick for fighting with a katana (probably with 2 Hands)?

My Warpriest will be the face of the party. I'm some kind of diplomat who's trying to be a part of the Undying Court.

My katana should be part of my soul and I should know how to be part of aggressive negotiations.

We are starting Level 1. Max Level is something around 9.

My party will consist of a Dwarf Ranger (TWF), a Warforged Magus and a Gnome Wizard (Illusion).

Everything that is published in German is allowed. I think the "Advanced Class Guide" is the latest published material.

We already rolled our Attributes (18, 18, 17, 14, 11, 9)

Attributes example: Str 18, Dex 9 (+2=11), Con 18 (-2=16), Int 11 (+2=13), Wis 17, Cha 14

Feats example:

  1. Weapon of the Chosen
  2. Power Attack, Improved Weapon of the Chosen
  3. Greater Weapon of the Chosen
  4. Vital Strike
  5. Furious Focus
  6. Critical Focus, Devastating Strike

Instead of Power Attack and Furious Focus I thought of replacing them with Toughness and Improved Initiative.

  • Weapon: Katana
  • Armor: Kusari-Gusoku

I thought of taking the feat-path to Weapon Specialization and Greater Weapon Focus, but I don't think I meet the requirements since the Warpriest does not count as a Fighter taking his normal Talents, right?

I also don't know which Blessings I should take. I thought of Magic/Weather and Strength/War. Is it possible to use the War blessing effects on yourself?

1 I can use a different class as long as it can heal and fight, without being a real Paladin.

Best Answer

For Warpriest feats, I would recommend Vital strike over focusing on full attacks, you will likely be moving a lot of your turns with reduced movement from heavy equipment. That being said, Weapon of the Chosen is also good. Depending on the difficulty of encounters and your party's willingness to rest for extra days, you may want to consider Extra Channeling. Also, if you want to use Channel Positive Energy during combat, you will most likely need Selective Channeling so you don't heal your foes. Also, Warpriest levels count as fighter levels but only for the Bonus Feats gained at 3rd, 6th, 9th (etc) levels. It's indicated in the 2nd portion of the Bonus Feats descriptor on Paizo/PFSRD.

I wouldn't bother with Weapon Focus or Specialization, your class gives you plenty of bonuses in those aspects that they're not worth the feat slots. You only need Weapon Focus to unlock Sacred Weapon damage. (Assuming your deity's favored weapon isn't Katana)

For Blessings, Healing is very powerful defensively. It might also be wise to look at Knowledge and Liberation depending on your GM. War Blessing is always good in combat, but has less uses to a 'face of the party'.

Favored class you will likely be taking bonus health since it looks like you're the tankiest member of your group. I always take skill points, personally (even on fighters and the like). The Elf racial bonus likely wont fit since it limits which Blessings you could get bonus uses of (to mostly less useful Blessing choices).

In response to Ellesedil and your comment back, you could consider being a Bard if you only want healing spells. They use Charisma, have a huge number of skill points for Diplomacy, Bluff, etc and provide large bonuses to party defenses. There is no problem with using a Katana 2 handed and removing one hand to cast as necessary since it would be on separate rounds.

Remember with the bard, you don't have to be the court jester or a troubadour. You could be spreading the good word of the lord, but casting arcane spells. You would, however, lose access to medium and heavy armor.