[RPG] How to calculate the costs of a weapon enchantment


For my new adventure I want to buy an Inspired Rapier and just do not get how to calculate it. I actually thought I calculate the costs of the weapon (20gp) plus the +1 enchantment (2000gp) and pay the Inspired with the +1 so instead of a +1 Rapier I have an Inspired Rapier.

Is that correct and if not, could anyone explain to me how to calculate this?

Best Answer

The +1 inspired rapier has a price of 8,320 gp

  • Get a masterwork weapon. Creating Magic Weapons says, "Only a masterwork weapon can become a magic weapon, and the masterwork cost is added to the total cost to determine final market value."
  • Get that weapon at least a +1 magical enhancement bonus. Creating Magic Weapons also says, "A magic weapon must have at least a [+]1 enhancement bonus to have any melee or ranged special weapon abilities."
  • Add other magic weapon special abilities. These can be either flat cost magic weapon special abilities or +1 or more equivalent magic weapon special abilities.
  • Find the price. Consult the Magic Weapons Table: Weapon Pricing by Bonus and determine the weapon's equivalent total bonus then add to the price any flat cost weapon special abilities and the cost of the weapon itself (including masterwork cost, special materials, and so on).

As GMJoe mentioned, to price this +1 inspired rapier, the typical rapier costs 20 gp, and a masterwork rapier costs 300 gp more. A +1 enhancement bonus on the weapon costs 2,000 gp, and an additional +1 enhancement bonus (or, in this case, a magic weapon special ability equivalent to a +1 enhancement bonus) costs 6,000 gp more, for a total of 8,000 gp. That's 20 gp +300 gp +8,000 gp = 8,320 gp in all for a +1 inspired rapier.