[RPG] How to convince the D&D players to restart their characters?


I'm trying to start a D&D/Pathfinder club and I think that all of the players should restart/re-roll their characters. Half the group does not want to do so since they are already invested in an existing character from another group, though every one else is new to the game or is open to starting the characters from scratch.

What could I do to convince the people that don't want to restart?

Best Answer

Some people are attached to their old characters. But obviously, you can't run a campaign where half the players are level 10 and the other half are level 1. If you simply point this out to them, and ask them how they'd feel if the other players were a higher level than them, you should be able to make everyone see that this is necessary.

In the end, though, it's your game. So just ask yourself this: who's wearing the DM's hat? And what does that mean for the rules?

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