[RPG] How to make a giant pc in dnd 4e?


I really would like to make a giant character for a 4e campaign, and if anyone could help me make some character profiles for each of the types of giants I would really appreciate it.

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As stated in the comments on the original question, Large sized creatures are not officially sanctioned as valid characters by WotC.

But, we Old School DMs try stuff like anyway - because it's fun. So here's the start of a possible home-brew variant, addressing some of the concerns raised on the thread: What are the advantages and disadvantages of allowing a player to play a large creature?

I imagine you want to play a Giant for the extra die of damage. So be it. That's the primary advantage - but let's make it pretty much the only advantage, primarily offset by your size requirement: 2x2x2"

We've still got to fix the biggest balance problem raised by your size: Close Burst/Aura diameter

Suggested fix: Chose one of your current squares as the origin for the burst effect. Burst/Aura 1 will then only hit your 4 squares plus 5 more - not the usual 9. This specifically puts a cap on your number of adjacent enemies effected by powers like Defender Aura.

This is similar to the effects for Mounted Combatddi:

Space: .... Whenever the rider uses an effect that has an origin square (such as a melee, a ranged, a close, or an area power), the rider first picks where that square is located in the mount’s space, and the effect uses that origin square (the rider still shares the mount’s space for the purpose of triggering effects, such as opportunity attacks). For instance, if a Medium rider uses a close burst attack power, the rider chooses a single square within the mount’s space, and the burst emanates from that square.

In short, any diameter effect on one of your powers that would be increased as a result of your size, should be so modified. You lose 3 squares of effect in exchange for and extra damage die and other cool "I'm a Giant powers."

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