[RPG] How to make an optimal inflict wounds rogue in pathfinder


In 3.5 I made a rogue / cleric / invisible blade that dealt sneak attacks through the inflict wounds line of spells.

This made the attack both a touch attack, and on a feinted character, which was basically a roll against 10 (some monsters had deflection and such), with negative energy, something only a select few creatures have immunity against. Against Undead, I used cure wounds line for similar effect.

But I digress. I am trying to make the same thing in pathfinder, but don't have the option of migrating Invisible Blade or using non Paizo content.

I would like the character to either cast or use a wand to cast the inflict wounds(/cure wounds) spell, or another spell that is also a touch attack and does more damage as he levels up. I'm not set on a specific spell or class, just one that few things are immune to, does decent damage, and is a touch attack. I'd like a class and feat build that does maximum damage via this single attack, which has the ability to do sneak attack damage in nearly any circumstance, and ideally is also attacking the flat-footed AC as well (thus nearly always hitting).

To reiterate; I would like a character build using only paizo-published books in pathfinder that uses touch attack spells to deal sneak attack damage reliably in all circumstances. Please tell me the best build, including feats, for this concept.

Best Answer

Thug Rogue

A build I recommend a lot on this site is the Thug Rogue.

The Thug is an archetype for the Rogue in pathfinder. It allows you to stack the Shaken condition from Intimidate up to Frightened. If you score well enough on Intimidate to make it last for four rounds or longer. With the Enforcer feat, you can Intimidate for free any time you use non-lethal damage. With the Swashbuckler archetype (stacks with Thug), you can swift action demoralize a certain number of times per day.

How is this relevant to what you want to do? Enter Shatter Defenses. It requires Weapon Focus and Dazzling Display, but once you have it, if you attack a Shaken or Frightened person, they are Flat-Footed against you until your next turn. Wham, bam, thank you ma'am.

Produce Flame

Produce Flame is a great spell. Much-maligned, people often forget that it isn't just for hurling fire bolts at people - the flame held in your hand can be used for melee touch attacks at no cost to the duration. Note that unlike spells such as shocking grasp or inflict light wounds, the 'charge' is not used up if you strike someone with the touch attack - this means you can potentially full-attack people with your palm of flame (although you can't dual wield it - i'd recommend actually using a non-lethal weapon like a sap (or an Improved Unarmed Strike) in your off-hand to trigger Enforcer/Thug/Shatter Defenses, before you go in for the kill with your murderpalm).

A druid dip gives you access to this fantastic spell, in addition to other goodies (like an Animal Companion who can trigger Flanking).