[RPG] How to salvage evil loot


I'm currently running a premade scenario for Pathfinder where the author gives out rather powerful magic items for character levels 3, but they're almost the only treasure to be had in the scenario.

Thing is, their history and sometimes the way they are used seem, to me, inadequate for a mostly good-aligned party. One is a +1 dagger which true powers are revealed by ripping someone's heart with it (and then consuming said heart). The other one isn't as gruesome, but is an accessory that good people probably wouldn't wear (blood-stained spiky crown).

As the GM, I'm wondering what to do with these items as I get the feeling they won't see actual use by the party, and would probably be hard to sell, both considering their high price and the rare kind of potential buyers they may lure.

I'm interested in both mechanical and story aspects for this. Is it possible to recraft items, cleanse evil magic items and such? It probably wouldn't be a bad thing if this led to further stories, but I don't want the party to wait forever to get proper loot either. Any other tricks to dealing with this?

Best Answer

You're the DM, that means that you can change the scenario however you want, and specify how the magic items work however you want.

There are a lot of possible solutions, some of which you've mentioned. Personally I'd probably just reskin the evil-looking crown. The magic part of it could be a circlet, but the last owner added spiky bloody bits because they were Evil with a capital E.

For the dagger, you could have some sort of good order of priests or something of that nature offer the PCs a magic item of similar value in exchange, so they can destroy the evil item. Alternatively, you could simply Rule 0 it to change the requirements for using the dagger to being used in defense of the innocent, or something in that vein. Further possibilities include adding some other equivalent magic item as loot, and making the dagger disappear or lose its magic as soon as its wielder is killed.

In terms of players 'fixing' or 'cleaning' loot they've already found, you can create holy shrines that can remove the darkness from items (a nice example would be a spring or other water source, as immersion of items could be used as a cure).