[RPG] How would the Beacon of Hope spell interact with the paladin’s Lay on Hands feature


How would the beacon of hope spell interact with the paladin's Lay on Hands feature?

Logically, I'm thinking it won't have any effect, as Lay on Hands heals an exact amount of hp (in my opinion, they should specify that beacon of hope only works on healing that actually have rolls, instead of saying "any healing"). It may be possible that the Paladin would only have to consume 1 point from the pool and heal the full amount possible, but I don't think that's intended.

Best Answer

It doesn't.

The Beacon of Hope spell description says:

Choose any number of creatures within range. For the duration, each target [...] regains the maximum number of hit points possible from any healing.

So, if you're healing someone with Cure Wounds, for example, you roll 2d8. The maximum you can heal is 16, minimum is 2, average is 9. When you heal with Lay on Hands, you choose how many HP to give. If you choose 8HP, then the maximum is 8, minimum is 8, and average is 8. So you heal for 8HP, just as you chose; there is no randomness.