[RPG] If a feat replaces the Strength mod to melee attacks with a different stat, can I still choose to use Strength


Can you revert to using base attack roll stats (i.e. Strength for calculating melee attack rolls) if you have a feat that lets you use a different stat, or does taking the feat permanently switch you over to the new stat?

For example if you take a Intuitive Attack, which lets you use Wisdom for attack rolls instead of Strength, but then use the Strength domain power to raise your Strength bonus higher than your Wisdom bonus, can you use the Strength bonus on your next attack roll instead of Wisdom, or was it wasted?

Another example is the Weapon Finesse feat, which allows you to use the Dexterity modifier for attack rolls instead of strength. Can you choose to use your Strength bonus instead?

Best Answer

Either the text will say that the feat/ability uses a certain ability score, or it will say that you 'may' substitute your normal score with a different one. Therefore, some feats/abilities will only allow one score, while others let you decide.

This is because the 'standard' score is the one you use when you make a 'standard' attack - different feats use a different score since, per fluff, different stats are used in the action.