[RPG] If you are swallowed by a Giant Toad, can you escape before it is dead


The Giant Toad's Swallow action says:

If the toad dies, a swallowed creature is no longer restrained by it and can escape from the corpse using 5 feet of movement, exiting prone.

Is there any way to get out without killing the Giant Toad first?

Best Answer

Yes, you can escape via other means

Ways they can escape, aside from killing the Giant Frog

There are other ways small creatures can escape, aside from trying to kill the Giant Frog. Here is an incomplete list.

  • Find Familiar's vision swap (Action) + Misty Step (Bonus Action)

  • Clairvoyance (Round 1 Action) + Misty Step (Round 2 Bonus Action)

  • Enlarge/Reduce or Wildshape: The small creature can Enlarge itself or Reduce the Giant Frog. Either way, the Frog may have to spit out the swallowed creature. This is not necessarily what happens, depending on the DM. But as the Giant Frog can only swallow small creatures in the first place, it makes sense that if that swallowed target grew in size while swallowed, the Frog has to spit it out.

  • High level escape spells: Blink, Freedom of Movement, Dimension Door, Teleportation, Plane Shift, Etherealness

  • Gaseous Form: the creature can pass through pin-hole sized openings while in this form.

  • Stinking Cloud: on a failed Con save, a target inside the area spends its turn "retching and reeling" -- as in, vomiting.

  • Pushing Attack: On a hit, the Giant Frog must succeed a Strength save or be pushed back 15 ft away from you. The exact thing that happens here is DM-dependent, though, as it's easy to imagine a DM who will disallow this on the basis of reality (you can't push someone away from you if you are inside them, after all).

Generally, enchantment-based spells will not work because you need to be able to see the target. However, you are blinded while inside this monster and thus can't see.