[RPG] Initiate of [Deity] feats and spontaneous divine caster


Assuming I'm using the Spontaneous Cleric Variant and there's an Initiate of [some deity] which grants some special spells (only when this feat is taken) and the spontaneous cleric takes that feat when he gains a lvl…

What then?

Extra known spells? Or can you now choose these spells as if those were from your standard cleric list?

The second one seems like the neatest rule understanding…

I'm looking for answers by RAW and by deduction in case those are different.

@Edit: Favored Soul!

As a matter of fact, the original issue is that the char taking the feat is a favored soul which at first sight is not a Cleric (nor a Paladin) pre-Reqs of "Initiate of" tier feats. However the DM is convinced that for this purpose he would take the Favored Soul as a Cleric of the same lvl.

Best Answer

I suggest handling [Initiate] feats as an extra domain, as both consist essentially of an extra mini-spell list and a special ability.

The rules for adding a domain to a Favored Soul are found in Complete Divine, page 20:

If the noncleric [who gains a domain] is a spontaneous caster like a sorcerer or favored soul, then she may select a domain spell to add to her spells known whenever she would have an option to choose a new known spell. A sorcerer does not get to exceed his normal limit of spells known. Once the domain spell is known, the sorcerer may cast it freely.

This should be even less nebulous for the Favored Soul than the spontaneous Cleric, as the Favored Soul does not have the Cleric's split method of learning spells. Both the "domain method" and the "add spells to the Cleric spell list method" should give the same result - the spells are now available as an option for the Favored Soul to select as part of their normal spells known.

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