[RPG] Is combat stamina pathfinder legal?


I Love this feat. It adds so much more flexibility to anyone who would fighting on the frontlines or midlines its insane and it manages to do it without being Overpowered.

But I just wanted to make sure, this IS pathfinder legal right? I mean i don't see why anyone would deny turning spring attack from a meh feat into an amazing one.

This is the feat in question

  • Combat Stamina (Combat)

    You stop at nothing to drive your attack home.

    Prerequisite(s): Base attack bonus +1.

    Benefit(s): You gain a stamina pool. After you make an attack roll
    with a manufactured weapon, unarmed strike, or natural weapon attack
    with which you are proficient, but before the results are revealed,
    you can spend up to 5 stamina points. If you do, you gain a
    competence bonus on the attack roll equal to the number of stamina
    points you spent. If you miss with the attack, the stamina points you
    spent are still lost.

    Special: Since you have a stamina pool, you can spend your stamina
    points to use any combat tricks associated with combat feats you

    – When you have an ability that grants you stamina points, you gain a
    stamina pool with a maximum number of stamina points equal to your
    base attack bonus + your Constitution modifier. During combat, you
    can spend stamina points from this pool to perform a combat trick,
    the specific effects of which are dictated by a combat feat you
    possess. Spending stamina points in this way is not an action, but
    you can’t do so if you are unconscious, fatigued, or exhausted. You
    can use as many combat tricks on the same action or attack as you
    like (as long as you have the stamina points to spend), but you can’t
    use the same combat trick twice within its scope. For instance, if
    you have a combat trick that affects a single attack, you can’t use
    that combat trick more than once on the same attack.

Best Answer

The Stamina and Combat Trick system (from Pathfinder Unchained) are optional but are legal, in the sense that they are published by Paizo and in a hardcover line of core books, if your GM decides to use them.

For Pathfinder Society, the Pathfinder Society Team decided to not include the Stamina System in the available resources for players and GMs, they did include several of the unchained classes, though.

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