[RPG] Is Smite Evil damage multiplied by a critical hit


In Pathfinder, smite damage adds +paladin level (or 2 × paladin level) to damage when smiting evil. The rules for critical hits say:

A critical hit means that you roll
your damage more than once, with all
your usual bonuses, and add the rolls
together…. Exception: Precision
damage (such as from a rogue's sneak
attack class feature) and additional
damage dice from speacial weapon
qualities (such as flaming) are not
multiplied when you score a critical
hit. — P. 184

I'm not sure whether smite evil counts as precision damage. Does Smite Evil damage get multiplied, or not? Thoughts, rulings?

Best Answer

Smite damage is not precision damage, and since it is extra points not extra dice of damage, it is definitely multiplied. The only things not multiplied on crits are extra dice of damage, such as precision damage or weapon effects like flaming.