[RPG] Leveling Druid up to Level 5, do I gain new spells?


Leveling Druid up to Level 5.
Do I gain new spells?
If so, how many and from which lists may I choose?

Best Answer

Druids already know every spell they have spell slots to cast. They only need to prepare it.

Reaching 5th level you unlock 3rd level druid spells, which are alot to list. You don't learn any new cantrip.

At 5th level, you don't get ASI, but as your Druid level has increased, you can prepare one more spell than you could before.

You can prepare your new spells when you finish a long rest. Check the rules on the Spellcasting section, under the "Preparing and Casting Spells" subsection in your class (Druid, in this case).