[RPG] Losing limbs in Shadowrun


I'm looking for official rules for Shadowrun 5th edition (4th would be close enough) for damaging and losing limbs. Specifically I'd like to know how some augmentation would help a character survive and how do you determine what limbs are prone to damage.

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Try 4th Edition's Augmentation

Augmentation may be for Fourth Edition, so you will need to do some minor conversions, but it does explicitly have a section on Advanced Wounds (much as 3rd Edition's Man and Machine did).

Limb Loss: The character is separated from his arm or another limb in a fashion that sprays blood everywhere. Arterial blood is under high pressure and can easily spurt up to 6 meters—be creative. The character suffers additional wound penalties and begins dying. The character begins taking additional damage as if from Physical Damage Overflow (p. 244, SR4) until stabi-lized. A transplant or cyberlimb replacement is in his future.

(Augmentation, p.121)

Note that there are specific situations for incoming damage which lead to this in-game, but the mechanic is pretty solid; you count as being bleeding out and you take more wound penalties.

Furthermore, there are rules for other nasty injuries in Augmentation, if you're interested. Of course, 5th Edition's combat guide is due out soon, so I don't know if I'd jump to the 4th Edition rules for injury right now (especially since there is some slight difference in the way damage works), but if you absolutely have to you can.

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