[RPG] Making it more convenient for new players to pick spells in 5e


I am a fairly new DM and I have a group of new players. The campaign is going well and everyone seems to be having fun so far.

One of the players plays a sorcerer, however, which means that he has to browse through a pretty big list of spells every time he levels. He, obviously, doesn't know what most of the spells do, so it takes quite a lot of time for him to pick. I try to summarize the effect of all spells that I remember, but it is still quite a tedious process.

I would like to know if there is a way to make it easier for him.

Best Answer

The power to wield spells comes with a little more investment into the game

If he wants to understand his options and make informed choices himself, he must slog through the new and unfamiliar spells as extra study. Let him borrow your PHB or have him read through online spell lists on his free time, to familiarize himself.

What you can do to help him is turn the spell selection into an away-from-table activity (or better yet the whole level up process) - homework, if you will. This ensures that the game doesn't grind to a halt as everyone picks spells, rolls for additional HP, and reads through new class features.

With this method, you may even communicate with him through text, email or other media for any questions he may have regarding the spell, but most important of all: It doesn't consume precious game time.