[RPG] monster with the upper body of a human from the waist up, and the lower body of a snake


Nagas and Lamias have various representations in mythology and fiction. One of them is that of a human upper-body (waist up) and the lower body of a snake. What I'm looking for would have a torso, human arms and a human head that could fool someone into thinking they're human until they see their lower body, a large snake body on which it slithers to move about (see visual examples below).
I think the easiest way to picture what I have in mind is to think "centaur" with snake instead of horse. Snaketaur?

In Pathfinder, the closest to this I could find is the Marilith, if not for the extra arms.

Some examples that don't work and why:

  • Nagas in Pathfinder are mostly large snakes with a human-like head. They are missing a human torso with human arms to fit my goal.
  • Serpentfolk, Yuan-ti or Nagaji are fully humanoid and walk on legs. They do not slither on their body/tail.

Is there a monster that fits the description more closely in Pathfinder?

I'm interested in a ready-made set of stats mostly. It may be a generic monster or specifically from the Golarion setting, I don't mind.

Visual examples of what I'm looking for:

Best Answer

Yes, the Lamia Matriarchs (prominently featured in Rise of the Runelords) have female upper bodies and a snake for a lower body.