[RPG] My own Party are ruining the game for me. How to do


In D&D I play a ranger who lost an eye in battle therefore having a disadvantage.

Me and my party of 6 friends went inside a tavern to rest just before we went on our main quest together. In the tavern we decided to have a few drinks – my character blacked out. Most players in the party decided to steal from me, taking a valuable egg (which I earned), and all of my gold.

I understand this is part of the game but when there are 4 dice rolls against my 1 then what can I do!? It just isn't fun: What is the point of playing?
I tried to ask what happened in the following morning but the other players just tipped off the bartender.

It is complete Meta-gaming.

I could try and get revenge by killing the players in a stealth manner but if this is just going to keep happening I may as-well just leave in game. What could I do if most people are just going to keep on stealing what I earn and making the game not fun to play?

Thanks for all the messages guys, didn’t expect this much of a response. It’s been a while since the last I updated this scenario. I took the advice and after the game I decided to address these points and how I felt about it to the party. Everyone was pretty chill and they essentially said that it was just a one off thing and that it was just a spur of the moment sort of thing. The following game they all decided to use tolls and tell me who took my stuff leading me to getting it back. In the end it all worked out they are still good Friends mine and always will it’s just the game at the end of the day and that’s how some people want to play sometimes, it just happens.

after all it is just a game, but a ranger never forgets 😉

Best Answer

Short answer: stop playing with people who abuse you

What could I do if most people are just going to keep on stealing what I earn and making the game not fun to play?

You are being picked on. Sometimes, when something bad happens to us, we go into denial. We don't want to believe that bad things are happening to us. We don't want to believe that we are the butt of the joke.

RPGs can bring out the best in people, and, sadly, can also bring out the worst (been there, done that, etc). Since RPGs are a form of escapism, built into some of them are strands of a plausible deniability premise that goes like this:

  1. "It's just a game, don't take it so seriously."

  2. "My character would do that, what's the problem?"

But here's the reality of it: no character can perform an action unless the Player (the person) attempts it or tells the GM that this is what they are doing. Sometimes, the above quoted defenses are used by bullies to avoid culpability for being a jerk.

Your "friends" are bullying you.

You can either keep hanging around with them, and keep getting bullied, or you can find different and better people to hang out with.

Or ... the answer with a bit more risk ...

... before the next play session, you can call them all out on it before play starts. Begin the conversation, in your own words, with something like this: Why are you all doing this rude crap to me?

Some of them may not realize that they are being jerks, and some may be doing it because they are jerks. You won't find out the truth by asking on an internet site. You'll only find out when you ask the people with whom you are playing why they are treating you this way. Once you ask, the answers may surprise you. Sometimes, clearing the air improves the breathing. Sometimes, it reminds you of why we leave a room when someone farted.

To quote Cherlindria as she speaks to Willow Ufgood:

The choice is yours.