[RPG] ny way to trap someone’s soul


I'm playing a wizard and I really want to trap someone's soul. I've thought about casting glyph of warding using magic jar, but I don't want them to be able to escape. Is there any way to do this without them being able to escape? I want the classic "soul trapped in an object" feel.

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RAW: there is a spell called "Trap the Soul" listed on page 211 of the PHB. It is a Wizard spell. Oddly enough, there isn't a spell description to accompany this spell (...and it was errata'd out in later printings. I have a first printing PHB).

RAI: it appears that there was at one time the intention to have a soul trapping spell, but it never made it to print. The function was folded into the "Imprisonment" spell.

See page 252 of the PHB for details of the Imprisonment spell. The Minimus Containment feature, one of five options, seems to meet your criterion of

I wanted the classic "soul trapped in an object" feel.

The target shrinks to about one inch in height and is described as being stuck inside of a gem.

As to "not being able to escape" that will always depend on if this entity / person / demon has any friends who could free said entity. If you keep the gem / prison on your person, then you'd have to be overcome before this entity could be freed.

You'd want the same hope of some chance of being freed if it were cast upon you, I suspect.

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Xanathar's Guide to Everything may have filled this gap

In @Vylix's answer, the Soul Cage spell from XGtE fulfills some of the requirements.