[RPG] On weight limits of characters according to strength. Can a character carry his own weight


I never got one thing clear in the Strength to weight limit in D&D 3.5. It is well defined from the rules that with Strength 0, the character lies on the floor, unable to move. If Strength is 1, the weight limit a character can carry is in the order of some kilogram, say 5 kg (sorry I don't have the table at hand).

Is this amount in addition to the intrinsic weight of the character himself, or not ? In other words, is a character with Strength 1 but weighting 15 kg able to propel himself forward ?

Best Answer

Since the rules are specifically mentioning weapons, armor, and equipment when it comes to carrying capacity it can be assumed that the character's body weight does not factor into carrying capacity. If body weight were to be accounted for, then most characters would need a strength score in the mid-20's at least to not be encumbered (at least based on the chart on D&D Wiki).

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