[RPG] Playing a Firre Eladrin as a PC


The Firre Eladrin is in the Book of Exalted Deeds, page 169. If someone wanted to make a character of this race, how would it work? Is there any way to reduce the +10 LA to something more realistic?

Best Answer

Something with a level adjustment of +10 isn't really supposed to be played.

Sure, you could piece by piece, pick apart some abilities to knock off level adjustments, however, that would take a lot of your DM's time and flipping back and forth between the DMG, Savage Species, and Book of Exalted Deeds. But each level adjustment that is reduced is another ability lost for the celestial.
What it looks like you want is a Half-Celestial Bard.

  1. Use the Template Class for the Half-Fiend (but use Half-Celestial instead).
  2. Now, four levels of the template class doesn't give you any hit dice. So, in order to get some hit dice Get a Weapon of Legacy and take the Legacy Champion prestige class.
  3. You can use that prestige class to get the rest of your template class, all while gaining hit dice and such.

If that isn't your idea of what you would like, what I suggest is:

  1. Your DM create a Monster Class for the Firre Eladrin.
  2. Get a Weapon of Legacy.
  3. Take a level of monster class that grants a hit die. Take a level of Legacy Champion prestige class for a level of the monster class that doesn't grant a hit die.