[RPG] Raising the Sleep HD limit


In Pathfinder the spells Sleep and Deep Slumber both have caps on how many Hit Dice worth of creatures they can affect, and this limit doesn't increase with level.

For some reason I recall seeing either an archetype, feat, spell or other ability that raises this HD cap or otherwise allows sleep spells to affect more creatures. Of course, now I can't find it by searching (I must have just dreamed the whole thing…). I know the Heavens Oracle does something similar to this but for Illusion (pattern) spells, with its Awesome Display power.

Are there any archetypes, feats, spells, or abilities that raise the HD cap of these spells and what source are they from?

Best Answer

There is nothing quite like the awesome display oracle revelation for sleep and/or deep slumber that I am aware of. There are, however, things that work like sleep or deep slumber but with higher or no HD caps.

  • Mythic sleep has an 8-HD limit, and mythic deep slumber has a 20-HD limit.

  • The sandman bard archetype gets a spell-like ability that is “as deep slumber, but with no HD limit,” but that is only when using that particular ability, rather than a change made to the sleep or deep slumber spells that the sandman might cast.

  • Similarly, the slumber witch hex is “as per the spell sleep” and “can affect a creature of any HD.” Again, that is only while using slumber and does not apply to any sleep or deep slumber spells.