[RPG] reason for spellcasters to have their archetype at first level, instead of at third level


I understand that spellchoice starts at first level, and that domain should be chosen from the start, but shouldn't it be consistent between all classes?

Best Answer

Druids choose their archetype at 2nd level, and Warlocks effectively have 2, 1 at 1st level, one at 3rd level, so there isn't really some universal rule that is being broken here. Archetypes are just another class feature, even if they are a particularly important one.

For that matter, the term archetype isn't even a game term. Fighters choose a "Martial Archetype", Rangers choose a "Ranger Archetype", and Rogues choose a "Roguish Archetype". None of the other classes even mention the word archetype. For example, the Barbarian chooses a Path, the Warlock chooses a Pact and a Patron, and so on.

This isn't a case of a general rule which spellcasting classes have an exception to; different classes get their features at different levels.