[RPG] reason a Forge Cleric couldn’t use Artisan’s Blessing to convert metal into currency for profit


The Forge Domain cleric's Artisan's Blessing Channel Divinity option (XGtE, p. 19) states:

You conduct an hour-long ritual that crafts a nonmagical item that must include some metal: a simple or martial weapon, a suit of armor, ten pieces of ammunition, a set of tools, or another metal object […]

The thing you create can be something that is worth no more than 100 gp. As part of this ritual, you must lay out metal, which can include coins, with a value equal to the creation.

I understand that it may be ambiguous whether or not I could make a pile of gold, but a gold bar should work just fine.

Is there any reason I can't convert used weapons into gold bars, to receive 100% of their market value?

Are there any rules that indicate that selling a gold bar results in some kind of loss in value?

Best Answer

Yes, there is a reason you can't do this

you must lay out metal, …, with a value equal to the creation

A new sword is worth 15gp (7.5gp used) and weighs 3 lbs - most of which is steel. That is the value of a longsword - what the ability is interested in is the value of the metal, not the value of any manufactured object the metal happens to be part of. How much is 3 lbs if steel worth? Say 1gp maximum. So this is an excellent way to lose value.