[RPG] Removing Ghost possession without a Cleric or Paladin


I have a small group of adventures. One of them is playing Matt Mercer's "Blood Hunter" class also described on Geek & Sundry. A large part of the story for him is hunting undead creatures. One of the undead I want to use is ghost, but the party has no cleric or paladin.

Is there a way to remove possession other than some of the ones here: Are There Any Mechanics for Removing Possession?

I thought about Turn Undead, but again, they have no cleric or paladin. Is there another way to remove it that I am missing?

Best Answer

The DMG lists the various ways to get a ghost out of a person. It's pretty much exhaustive. So, here we go. The possession lasts until:

The body drops to zero hit points Any party can handle beating someone up. Healing potion to bring the victim back is optional.

The ghost ends it as a bonus action This requires voluntary action on the part of the ghost. Options include negotiating with it to leave, or tricking it into leaving (possibly by offering a better host).

The ghost is turned or forced out Explicitly called out here are Dispel Good And Evil as well as Turn Undead. The best option is, of course, to have a character who can cast/use that in the party. One alternative to that is recruiting/renting such a person. The other seems to be finding a magic item that can cast the spell.