[RPG] Shadowrun dice pool size


I am new to both Shadowrun and GM in general. I want to run a one-shot of Shadowrun with four players. In that aspect I was asked, how many dice should be needed for a basic run. Based on the examples from the SR4 Rulebook and the Quick Start Rules I guess that each player won't be needing any more than 10-15 dice. Can anyone confirm? Would an extended campaign with character development/modification raise that limit?

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My suggestion is to actually discuss this with the players. If you all agree on some range of dice, you can tailor runs according to their abilities.

Shadowrun is a system that is incredibly easy to break. Discussing how powerful you and the players want the characters to be is almost mandatory. Otherwise you might end up with one who might do very little to optimize their characters, while others look for ways to get that one more die to their rolls, creating a massive powergap between players.

Seriously, after my first character, I could easily make melee adepts with 21-22 dice on attack rolls.

Find your preferred "power level". No one wants to be the underpowered sidekick.

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