[RPG] Should I allow players to recreate the exact same character if they die?


I'm a fairly new DM playing the 5e Starter Set campaign, Lost Mine of Phandelver, with a completely new group of 3 players.

After the last session Thundertree seems like an ever more likely next destination for the party, which means they will likely run into Venomfang. My group has shown they do not try to win every encounter by fighting and even avoided fights altogether because they seemed intimidating (avoiding the 3 bugbears in the Redbrand hideout because they remembered Klarg being strong), but I feel like I should prepare for them to end up in a fight with the young green dragon and be wiped out anyway.

I know the players well and like most players they're attached to their characters and I feel like they might want to recreate those exact same characters if they die. Since I don't have the time to create my own adventures I thought of simply going for the Hoard of the Dragon Queen adventure after this. I heard that has some new background options so I thought about making someone who has to create a new character choose from only the background options that adventure provides.

But regardless, my basic question is:
Should I allow people to recreate their beloved characters if they die?

I feel like recreating characters over and over again might make it less fun for both the players and DM, but I also don't want to limit players by thinking of random character creation rules at my own discretion. Should I discuss it with them (I should probably do this either way), have them find out playing the exact same character from level 1 again isn't very fun for themselves, or enforce rules on recreating characters?

Best Answer

I feel like recreating characters over and over again might make it less fun for both the players and DM

What do they feel?

Ultimately they are not your characters, your feelings don’t matter.

Some people like to try different character concepts and personalities and some people are always the gruff dwarven fighter with a heart of gold.

Who are you to tell them they’re right or wrong?

That said, it’s your campaign and if you were to decide that there are no dwarves in your world you’re free to do so. Your players are free to tell you to stick that idea where the sun don’t shine - a dwarf mine near Waterdeep I think. Ultimately you have to agree on the parameters if you want to play together.