[RPG] Strahd von Zarovich’s weight in bat form


This question concerns D&D 5e. The relevant ability, with my emphasis, is as follows:

While in bat or wolf form, Strahd can't speak. In bat form, his
walking speed is 5 feet, and he has a flying speed of 30 feet.
In wolf form, his walking speed is 40 feet. His statistics, other
than his size and speed, are unchanged
… (Curse of Strahd page 240)

Simply put, what does Strahd weigh as a bat? Since size and weight are not the same, I would argue that he simply becomes a (very heavy) Strahd-weighted bat. Is this correct?

Best Answer

Up to the DM

There are no official creature weights in 5e, just size categories. Specific heights and weights are up to the DM to narrate to fit the story.

This DM would say it weighs what a normal bat weighs :)

But if you want to go with heavy bat, by all means do so! If that fits your story and vision, there is nothing wrong with it. And mechanically it works...because magic.