[RPG] sue is addressed by the errata for Gathered Swarm in Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything


Wizards has released Tasha's errata. Some of them are quite enigmatically worded, such as:

Gathered Swarm (pg. 60). In the second sentence, “Until you die” has changed to “While you’re alive.”

What is the distinction between "until death" and "while living", and why is it so important? Is there a rules effect to these alternate wordings?

Best Answer

Resurrection is a thing

In a world where people can be resurrected, there is a meaningful distinction between "Until you die" and "While you're alive." Therefore, this change clears up a potential point of contention in the rules. In fact the original wording was unclear enough to generate a question on our stack.

The point at which you die is a discrete event in time. It could imply the first time you die(d), or the next, the rules are not specific enough to indicate which.

Conversely, living is a state of being. Any living creature, regardless of number of times they have 'died', is affected by this.