[RPG] the best class for a character strong versus mind-affecting spells?


I am GMing a Pathfinder campaign and need to build an party NPC who is as strong as they can possibly be against mind-affecting spells and abilities. They don't need to be especially skilled in combat. Any suggestions on where to start with this?

Currently the party is level 2, but will be across a long campaign, so I need to plan for the future. Any standard race or class is fine. Anything first-party should be ok. The strong vs mind-effecting is less for combat, but more to prevent players gaining insight into their thoughts or managing to control them via suggestion or similar.

Clarification: The character should be one of the PHB races (human, elf, etc.) and a standard PHB class with no archetype. Cost is not a barrier.

Best Answer

Your goal is to increase the will save.

My recommendation is to make the race Elf or Half-Elf or Dwarf. Elves and Half-Elves recieve +2 bonus on enchantment spells which covers most of the Mind-affecting spells. Dwarves have +2 bonus against all spells and a racial +2 wisdom to increase their will save.

As a class, I would go with Druid or Cleric if you can because those classes have a good will save progress and their main Stat is Wisdom which will net a very good Will save bonus.

Top those with Iron Will and Improved Iron Will feats and that character will be very strong against mind affecting spells unless the caster is ridicoulusly high level or your rolls are very unlucky.

As a result, assuming you have a level 2 half-elf Cleric, with 16 Wisdom you have +10 Will(+3 Cleric,+2 Half-Elf,+2 Iron Will,+3 Wisdom) save versus Enchantment spells with a chance to reroll one once per day without any magical aid.

There are a lot more ways to incrase your mental resolve against mind affecting spells. Traits, items or playing a Paladin like Rob mentioned in his answer but It's difficult to deduce what is allowed in your campaign or what kind of character is suitable. I intentionally left out domains and Paladins because they are restricted to alignment or the Deity. This is quite a general approach that is suitable to any character.