[RPG] the effect of the Feeblemind spell on Ability Score Improvements


Our Bard had the Feeblemind spell cast on him and failed his save. The battle ended and we gained a level. Feeblemind states that:

On a failed save, the creature's Intelligence and Charisma scores become 1.

While under the effects of Feeblemind, would an ASI be permanently wasted if taken in Intelligence or Charisma?

We use milestone leveling, and it happens immediately once the DM says we've leveled.

Best Answer

The DM shouldn't do this

RAW seems to allow your interpretation.

However, this is not how it's intended to work

ASIs are class features, same as a Rogue's Sneak Attack or a Barbarian's Rage.

There is no precedent for spells or abilities that are able to permanently deprive a player of a class feature. It would have a huge impact and would definitely deserve its own clause in the spell text, were it the case.

It's a good way to alienate your players

ASIs are powerful features and are expected by the players, since class features are usually guaranteed upon leveling. Denying them an ASI just because they failed a save might be enough to put them off the game (especially if they are the min-maxing type).