[RPG] The fastest Elf in the West (at initiative anyway)


They called him Ernie, the fastest Elf in the West.

Ahem. I'm trying to improve the initiative of an Elf Wizard.

At the moment it's at a respectable: +15

+4 Dex (Base)
+4 Improved Initiative (Appears untyped, nice!)
+2 Warrior of Old Trait (Trait Bonus)
+1 Cracked Dusty Rose Ioun Stone (Competence Bonus)
+4 Weapon with dueling enhancement (Enhancement Bonus)

Is there any other (preferably non-spell) ways to get Ernie even faster?

Sub Level 12 solutions preferred, but solutions of all levels are welcome.

For reference adding in the ideas from below; a level 12 diviner (+6) Elf with A familiar (+4) and Fleet-Footed (+2) gives a further +12, for a grand total of +27 initiative. 🙂

Best Answer

Become a Diviner. They get a blanket +1 per 2 levels bonus to initiative. They also ALWAYS act in a surprise round so your biggest weakness of not going first (getting surprised) NEVER happens!!! You're already a wizard, and pride yourself in going first, so why don't you just start saying, "I saw that coming."

This might be what you're looking for. We have a diviner (foresight school) in our Jade Regent game, and he's saved the party NUMEROUS times by going first. Kinda aggravated the DM since he can never take us by surprise with his ninjas, and then he just glitterdusts them. True story, blind ninjas just aren't as scary as invisible ninjas.