[RPG] What are some good skills and stunts for a mortal lawyer in Dresden Files


I'm about to play in my first game of Dresden Files. I'm new to the system, and it's a lot different from other RPG rule's I've used. I'm having a bit of trouble grokking the game and figuring out how to build my character.

My high concept for my character is a city assistant district attorney. Pretty much like a younger version of the Ben Stone or Jack McCoy characters from Law and Order. Someone who can convince a group of people to accept a particular explanation of events, and can wring the truth out of someone on the stand.

I'm wondering what kind of skills and stunts to use to make a good trial lawyer with some decent investigation and persuasion abilities.

If it helps the intended power level is "chest-deep".

Best Answer

I did such a character recently, and with a little thinking outside the box, I came up with some decent skills/stunts for him:

First, I started with

  • Superb: Resources
  • Superb: Presence
  • Great: Rapport
  • Great: Performance
  • Good: Investigation
  • Good: Scholarship

He had other skills, of course, but those were the base (his pyramid was stacked 2-deep to Superb for 30).

For those skills, I chose the following stunts:

  • (Custom Stunt - Resources) Dedicated Staff Spend Fate point to use Resources for any one Contacts, Scholarship, or Investigation roll
  • (Custom Stunt – Scholarship) Lawyer (Estate) +1 to any roll regarding law, additional +1 regarding estate law. Modeled off of Doctor.
  • (Custom Stunt – Performance) Closing Argument Can be used to apply APPEARANCE OF GUILT or APPEARANCE OF INNOCENCE aspect to a specific person. Modeled off of Pointed Performance.
  • (Presence) The Weight of Reputation When doing business in an official capacity, use Presence instead of Intimidation.
  • (Deceit) Honest Lies When using the truth to deceive someone, gain +2 to the check.

To reiterate something that Sardathrion said, the skills (and their levels) enhance the story, and the stunts help to round out the concept. I think that's one of the reasons that his answer centered so much around the concepts- it's very hard to separate the two. These skills would make a very good trial lawyer, but one based around certain principles reinforced by the stunts chosen, rather than necessary a template for a lawyer.

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