[RPG] What are the ramifications of waiving the Evil requirement for the assassin class


Would being able to be a Good assassin mess up the game or something? Have the designers ever explicitly stated why they added that requirement to the class?

Secondly, is there an alternative?

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There are a lot of character options that have plot/alignment based restrictions. Almost all can be ignored by DM fiat, and many only apply to a very specific campaign world that you may or may not be using.

Many races have alignment restrictions, which is, lets be honest, a tad racist. Fantasy is full of examples of non-evil goblins (World of Warcraft), Ogres (Shrek) and Vampires (Team Edward!)

Classes also have some unnecessary restrictions. While most Barbarians will be chaotic, there is nothing to prevent a DM from creating a world where barbarians form tight-knit tribes of lawful aligned individuals. Arguably the Aiel in the Wheel of Time series would be significantly comprised of barbarians (and scouts, rangers), but they are certainly lawful aligned.

Paladins originally had lawful good as a restriction. That was later expanded to any of the 4 extremes with minor changes to abilities.

Other people have recommended doing away with alignment (restrictions). I would recommend keeping them, but adapting them to your campaign world.

Don't ask "is there any reason why I shouldn't allow a good assassin", instead ask "if there is a good assassin, who trained him?" Is there a good assassins guild? (avenger/slayer of domiel style). Or was the character once evil, trained with evil assassins and has since had a change of heart? If so, it's probably that the assassin's guild wants him dead, as do the various relatives of his innocent victims. I smell a side quest.

Don't worry about whether dropping alignment restrictions will impact the rules, but will it conflict with your plot?

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