[RPG] What are the ways for a Wizard to get cure spells


Inspired by this question; I was intrigued to know ways at any level that a Wizard could cast cure spells, without using Use Magic Device.

Solutions should not use multiclassing and only use official pazio pathfinder books (No third party)

Ideally this should be "Cure" spells, but I'll take any way of curing hits that doesn't involve base Wizard spells such as "Infernal healing" (Due to the "evil" component), sorry.

Best Answer

The most common approach is to use Summon Monster spells to heal. You can increase your options for this with the "Summon Good Monster" feat. Here's a list from reddit; I've added an [SGM] tag to the options that require the feat:

Summon Monster III:

[SGM] Silvanshee Agatheon - Lay on Hands 1d6 1/day, at-will Stabilize

Summon Monster V:

Bralani Azata - Cure Serious Wounds 2/day

[SGM] Vulpinal Agathion - Lay on Hands 3d6 6/day, Remove Disease, Calm Emotions Aura

[SGM] Unicorn - Cure Light Wounds 3/day, Cure Moderate Wounds 1/day, Neutralize Poison 1/day

Summon Monster VI:

[SGM] Kirin - Lesser Restoration 7/day, Cure Light Wounds 8/day, Stabilize At Will

Lillend Azata - Cure Serious Wounds 2/day, Cure Light Wounds 5/day, Bardic Performance as 7th-level bard

Summon Monster VII:

[SGM] Movanic Deva - Remove Curse, Disease, and Fear at will, Cure Serious Wounds 7/day

[SGM] Shedu - Empowered Cure Moderate Wounds 3/day, Dispel Magic 3/day, Remove Disease 3/day, Shield Other 3/day, Restoration 1/day

Summon Monster VIII:

[SGM] Monadic Deva Angel - Dispel Magic at will, Remove Curse, Disease, Fear at will, Cure Serious Wounds 3/day, Heal 1/day

[SGM] Lammasu - Cure Moderate Wounds or Lesser Restoration 7/day, Cure Light Wounds 7/day, stabilize at will

Summon Monster IX:

Astral Deva - Remove Curse, Disease, Fear at will, Dispel Magic at will, Cure Light Wounds 7/day, Heal 1/day

[SGM] Couatl - Cure Moderate Wounds 7/day, Stabilize at will

Azata Ghaele - Cure Light Wounds at will, Dispel Magic at will, Heal 1/day, Restoration 1/day, Cure Serious Wounds 3/day, Lesser Restoration 2/day, Stabilize at will

[SGM] Leonal Agathion - Cure Critical Wounds 3/day, Neutralize Poison 3/day, Remove Disease 3/day, Heal 1/day

Trumpet Archon - Mass Cure Serious Wounds 2/day, Heal 2/day, Mass Cure Light Wounds 1/day, Neutralize Poison 1/day, Cure Serious Wounds 1/day, Cure Moderate Wounds 2/day, Lesser Restoration 2/day, Cure Light Wounds 3/day, Stabilize at will.

There's also limited wish and wish itself, which can duplicate cleric spells for you.

The Samsaran trait "Mystic Past Life" allows you to add spells to your spell list. The trait says: "The spells must be the same type (arcane or divine) as the spellcasting class you're adding them to", but I guess some people argue that (for example) cure light wounds can be an arcane spell since it's on the bard spell list.

You could use magic items such as a gloves of first aid or a ring of spell storing. Each of these say in their description that they allow you to cast the spell yourself.

If you were playing in 3.5e you could take the Arcane Disciple feat and add healing spells to your spell list. That doesn't work in Pathfinder, though.