[RPG] What book can I read to familiarize theself with D&D 5e’s world and lore?


I've never played any table top D&D before. I am going to start playing the 5e edition with a group I've never played with before.

After reading the basic rules I want to become more familiar with the world. What should I do? Where do I start with reading the lores? On top of that, is there a novel / book that anyone can recommend that's an interesting read rather than just reading lores after lores?

Best Answer

If you're looking for the basics, pretty much any generic high fantasy novel will do. I'd recommend Tolkien as a first resource there as Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit are pretty much the iconic texts, but there are numerous more modern works that could be recommended (Terry Goodkind's Sword of Truth, Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time both come to mind).

If you're interested in D&D novels, and Forgotten Realms specifically, the iconic works there are the Legend of Drizzt books by RA Salvatore there.

Finally, if you just want a quick realms primer, but would rather not read a few (or dozens) of novels, then there is the Forgotten Realms Wiki (linked above).