[RPG] What could prevent a revenant monster’s Vengeful Tracker feature from working


As I continue my campaign with revenants (as I mention in this question), I'm having some trouble:

The BBEG of my campaign is being tracked by a group of revenants as well as the party, but knows only about the revenant's group. He is searching for a method to prevent those revenants from knowing where he is (via the Vengeful Tracker feature).

My guess is that all the things that can prevent a revenant's Vengeful Tracker feature (e.g. use a wish spell) from working could also be used to kill the revenant permanently, but I want to be sure, so I'm asking you all whether I am right.

Best Answer

No magic can prevent it from working

The revenant's statblock (MM, p. 259) describes the Vengeful Tracker trait as follows:

The revenant knows the distance to and direction of any creature against which it seeks revenge, even if the creature and the revenant are on different planes of existence. If the creature being tracked by the revenant dies, the revenant knows.

It's not described as explicitly magical. Even if it was, though, the Monster Manual mentions outside the revenant's statblock:

Divine Justice. No magic can hide a creature pursued by a revenant, which always knows the direction and distance between it and the target of its vengeance. In cases where the revenant seeks revenge against more than one adversary, it pursues them one at a time, starting with the creature that dealt it the killing blow. If the revenant’s body is destroyed, its soul flies forth to seek out a new corpse in which to resume its hunt.

The fact that "No magic can hide a creature pursued by a revenant" means that there is no spell that can prevent the revenant from knowing the distance to and direction of its target.

...and neither does "killing" it (unless you wish it to pass on within the next 24 hours)

In addition, as the last line states, even if you destroy its original body, it'll simply seek out a new one and keep coming, as explained in the Rejuvenation trait in its statblock:

When the revenant’s body is destroyed, its soul lingers. After 24 hours, the soul inhabits and animates another humanoid corpse on the same plane of existence and regains all its hit points. While the soul is bodiless, a wish spell can be used to force the soul to go to the afterlife and not return.

As stated, the wish spell can explicitly be used to force the soul to pass on between its body being destroyed and it being able to inhabit another one. (Of course, wish can do anything at the DM's discretion, but this line makes it explicitly within the purview of the spell.)

Your best bet is to outrun it or trap it without killing it - for a whole year

As another part of the description outside the statblock states:

Hunger for Revenge. A revenant has only one year to exact revenge. When its adversary dies, or if the revenant fails to kill its adversary before its time runs out, it crumbles to dust and its soul fades into the afterlife. If its foe is too powerful for the revenant to destroy on its own, it seeks worthy allies to help it fulfill its quest.

The revenant has a strict time limit within which it can accomplish its goal: 1 year. If it doesn't get its revenge by then, its body crumbles and its soul passes on.

Thus, your best bet at avoiding the revenant's vengeance is to either trap its body (in a way that it can not kill itself, if the DM deems it intelligent enough to do so) for a year, or simply continue to outrun it for a year. You might be able to do the former with a spell like imprisonment, though it's a 9th-level spell with a material component that would need to be worth 8000 gp (it must be worth 500 gp per Hit Die of the spell's target, and revenants have 16 Hit Dice).

This question discusses what magic items can be used to trap/ensnare/capture enemies. In addition, this particular question about how to permanently kill/stop revenants has been discussed in a few places around the internet:

I haven't gone through their suggested solutions in detail; in short, they generally suggest specific ways to outrun or trap the revenant.