[RPG] What creature types can be found in Curse of Strahd


I'm making a Ranger (revised) in Curse of Strahd and thinking of what Favored Enemy to pick. Undead seems like the obvious one since the adventure is about a Vampire, but maybe there aren't that many undead besides him.

What can someone who has played/read it tell me about enemy type distribution?

Best Answer

Spoilers below!

(I have only played the adventure, but did not read it, so I might have missed quite a few encounters, distorting my impressions)

The enemy types are quite evenly distributed:

1. Humanoids mostly, as lycantropes also fall into this category
2. Undeads close second
3. Beasts mostly wolves and bat swarms
4. Fiends far behind the others
5. Fey even fewer
In Strahd's castle Humanoids fall to the third place.