[RPG] What dice do I need to make for a Pathfinder player


My son is off at college, and he has recently started a d&d group. We are close, but the distance between us, along with his schedule, have kept us from communicating as much as I'd like. I recently purchased a 3d printer, and I want to do something special for him. I want to make him a custom set of dice, but I do not know how many or what kind to make. Can anyone help me?

I will probably be using ABS or Polycarbonate, seeing that they are the most durable and the least pliable. I thought about using a wood filament, but I'm not sure if he would like that. I have several choices that would give me good results, but I might have to just play around with it to find the perfect match. My good friend has a rock tumbler, or polisher if you will, so I can use that to smooth them up. I plan to hand paint the inset numbers. I do plan to test each dice to ensure none are "weighted" to one side more than another. I appreciate your input.

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The default set of dice used by Pathfinder (or D&D, as you mentioned in the question body, they use the same) would be:

  • a 4 sided die
  • a 6 sided die
  • an 8 sided die
  • a 10 sided die
  • a 12 sided die
  • a 20 sided die
  • a 10 sided die numbered 00, 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90

A basic set (as you could buy in a store) includes one of each, although most players prefer to have some extra 6 and 20 sided dice because they tend to be used a bit more.

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