[RPG] What do I do about a game-breaking ruling on how summoning works


I'm playing in a 5e campaign, and one of the other players convinced the DM to let him summon animals inside of other animals – for example, summoning a wolf inside of a cow.

The player has exploited this to summon other animals inside of people, giving them wings or the ability to breathe underwater. He also uses it offensively and summons animals inside of enemies to hinder them.

This makes encounters much less interesting, but the DM and the player both see nothing wrong with it. Am I overreacting to a harmless buff? What do I do about this?

Best Answer

No, you are not overreacting.

First off, every "Conjure Something" spell I checked specifically calls out that the summoned being appears "in unoccupied space". I'm curious how the DM thought it was valid to apply the spell differently. Discussing this with the DM in a one on one conversation may clear this up.

Second, I don't know how anybody made the leap that summoning something into something else would be a happy blending and not Brundle Fly.

Last, I can see this as easily exploitable. Take the simple Conjure Animals as a 3rd level spell. I summon 8 Pteranodon (1/4 hit die) into my party. We now all have 60-ft flight speed for an hour. That is far more powerful than the the 3rd level Fly spell which only lasts 10 minutes and only effects one person; although still the 60 ft fly speed. At maximum upcasting for Fly (9th level) you can make 7 targets fly; fewer than the single Conjure Animal example.


Discuss the above points with the DM in an effort to scale the spell back to its designed power level.