[RPG] What does “An adventure for players levels 1-3” mean


What does "An adventure for players levels 1-3" mean? I see this on the front of module books. Does this mean the players should begin the adventure between levels 1 and 3, with no hint as to what level the players will end up as at the end of the adventure? Or does it mean that players begin at 1 and end at 3?

Best Answer

Your second statement is correct.

The module expects that the player characters will start at 1st level and finish the module at 3rd level.

Normally the module will provide guidance on how the players should level up, either by following the XP system or by following milestone progression. This information is normally included in the first chapter of the book.

In Curse of Strahd, for example, the "Areas by Level" Table on page 6 demonstrates this by listing the average level players should have when they visit each area. The table's values range from level 1 to 9, which matches the module's "Levels 1-10" rating.

Of course, as the DM, you're free to start the players at any level that you wish. However, especially for low level adventures, the challenges presented may be trivially solvable with higher level spells and abilities, so be sure that you understand the module's challenges, as well as your character's abilities, before trying to scale the level rating yourself.