[RPG] What god would a good dog on the North of the Sword Coast worship


I have had the heads up that one of my players will be interrogating a resurrected dog about "what God is really in charge". (The players will have to cast speak with animals.)

What God would a good dog, living in the North of the Sword Coast likely worship?

This dog is a mastiff, per the Monster Manual; her alignment is Lawful Good, but all her other stats are the same. I chose LG; G as she is a "good girl", and L because she is obedient to her master.

("Worship" may be too strong a word, but let's assume this dog has a similar experience to a human after dying/resurrection, even if they don't understand it.)

Best Answer

If it can understand morality enough to have an alignment, it can worship whatever deity it chooses to

This is a bit of a strange situation; in comments, you mention how its stats are as per the Monster Manual, so an Intelligence score of 3, but it is also Lawful Good.

RAW, generally beasts with an Intelligence of 3 or less are unaligned, which makes sense because they wouldn't be smart enough to understand morality. It also makes sense to me that they wouldn't be able to comprehend gods either, so dogs wouldn't worship anything.

It sounds like you have misunderstood alignment here, which are to do with morals and principles, I'm not sure that "pack animal instincts" can be thought of as "Lawful Good". The dog isn't moral because people call it a "good dog", and obeying their "master" isn't lawful as that's just their pack mentality, not a choice the dog is making based on its "principles".

However, if, despite that, you decide that this dog is somehow Lawful Good, this implies that, despite its low intelligence, it can grasp the concept of morality, so if you rule that it also understands gods, then at the very least, this dog may worship whatever god you feel makes sense for that character.