[RPG] What in-game time span was covered in the various Forgotten Realms campaign settings


since I am fairly new to FR I was wondering what time span was covered in the different edition-spanning campaign settings for FR. Specifically, what was the default starting year of the AD&D 1st edition FR campaign setting and to what year has it advanced in 5E?

I have my players start with the LOST MINE OF PHANDELVER but there is no specific date mentioned. Only that the eruption of Mount Hotenow was about 30 years ago (p.30 under "Ruins of Thundertree").

I tried to read different timelines for the Realms but they left me confused for the most part. Thanks for any pointers!

Best Answer

If you are looking at the timeline from 1st to 5th edition, then it is a timespan of about 132 years.

1st edition was set in 1357 DR, while 5th edition (The Sundering) is placed at 1484 DR, and the Adventurers League play starts in 1489 DR.

This places it in line with the Phandelver, since Hotenow erupted in 1451 DR.

Numbers taken from http://forgottenrealms.wikia.com/wiki/Forgotten_Realms which purports to take the dates from the various box sets and info releases from TSR/WotC.