[RPG] What options are there in 5E that are similar to Minions


In my 5E game, I sometimes use Minions (stolen from 4E). This allows me to add the ability to increase the drama without increasing the difficulty. Ultimately making a scene a bit more epic. The challenge is that when certain spells are used such as Sleep, there is not an easy action resolution.

The way I use Minions is: I give the Monster an AC of X and if the PC rolls X (or above) they kill the monster (regardless of what their damage dice result is). When I just use weak monsters from the 5E Monster Manual I have ran into situations where the PC's attack hits, but their hit dice roll is low and they take multiple turns to kill the monster, which just drags out combat unnecessarily.

What am I able to utilize in 5E that is Minion-like? Or perhaps how could I modify a 5E Monster that would satisfy the use of a spell like "Sleep"?

Best Answer

There is nothing like minions

As I understand it (and I did not play 4e) a minion is exactly the same monster with the same attacks, special abilities, etc. but only 1 hp. So you could have minion Ogres that hit hard like an ogre but popped like a balloon when hit. Further, area of effect spells that dealt damage were (and were intended) to be absolutely devastating to groups of minions.

D&D 5e has nothing like that.

There is nothing stopping you from doing this

If you want ogres with 1 hp; have ogres with 1 hp.

Further, there is nothing stopping you from having ogres with 1hp if they take damage, but normal hp for all other effects.