[RPG] What Pets or Livestock Would Drow Have


I know Drow love their sapient slaves, but what about less intelligent creatures to keep as pets or livestock, or other purposes. Is there any official word on this for 5e or even previous editions?

Best Answer

The Forgotten Realms Wiki1 page for the drow contains a section on animals which list a number of different animals raised by the drow, including sources for where those animals are mentioned, in most entries and span several editions and different articles. Referenced animals include bats and dire bats, Cavvekans, Lizards, Rothe, shriekers, snakes, spiders.

One notable article of interest is the Drow Pets and Animal Companions article which seems to have been taken down from the wizards site (still viewable through the webarchive link)

1. Note that this is a fanmade site and not official, though it references official sources