[RPG] What published adventures are available for D&D 5e?


I'm running the Lost Mine of Phandelver adventure for my son and his friends as DM.
With the future in mind, I want to get more published adventures. How can I find out a comprehensive list of all the published adventures for 5e, ideally with enough information (character levels, etc.) to determine which I might want to purchase and use?

Best Answer

Princes of the Apocalypse looks like your best option. It is set close to Phandelver, has the same look and feel (same cartographer) and is for characters level 1-15. It really starts at level 3 though.

Your other options are Hoard of the Dragon Queen (1-7) and Rise of Tiamat (7-15) A lot of work required by the DM, but both nice adventures.

You could also try the Wizard's Amulet by Kobold games for a free 5e adventure https://froggodgames.com/sites/default/files/promos/The%20Wizards%20Amulet%20(5E).pdf