[RPG] What sort of cheat sheets for a new DM lead to a better flowing 5e game of Dungeons and Dragons


The question is, what elements on a DM screen are essential?

I'm new at playing and DMing, altough a lot of experience watching games, just got a group to play with now.

Started with the starter set in 5E and the Lost Mine of Phandelver adventure, however I've noticed the game can come to a stop when checking the rules or how to do something, while getting the books and stuff like that.

So I thought to make a DM screen with some cheat sheets, of the most usual things new players, and new DM's have doubts on, and how to make the game flow well without long rule-checking breaks.

What are the essential things to have on that screen?

So far this is what I found http://imgur.com/a/IXjjg but not sure if it has all I need or so much stuff that'll also make the game stop a lot while cheking it out.

Best Answer

Get a look at this table I found and use on my games, it have all the necessary information in 3 pages landscape that you can fit to your custom-made DM screen.

All the credit for Mr. Stan Shinn, great work!


I put on these drive folder the Stan Shinn file, one similar in spanish (both in grey) and a great DM screen in both colour and grey with great art.

I would like to thank the guys of the other screens but really don't know, if anyone does make a comment to give proper kudos.

You can also use the DnD Free official rules as is very cheap to print and you have a simple booklet easy to use and with the basic of everything, rules, equipment, spells...

What is a must be on a DM screen if you make your own?

  • Summary of combat.
  • Conditions
  • General DC table
  • Some of the most common penalty rules (Light, Cover, terrain)
  • Some magic stuff like Attack rolls and Save calculation.